thrive-logoSometimes we find ourselves merely surviving rather than experiencing life in abundance. How can we begin to live in the abundance of what Jesus has for us and what changes can we make to thrive rather than survive?

Right Foot

How we see ourselves determines how we approach life. What is the primary voice that you listen to that tells you who you are? What is the voice that tells you- you matter, you are valuable? What are you rooted in?

Fix your eyes...

We all like to be in control of our lives, but what do we do when life takes control away from us? Our reaction is to look to someone or something that still has control, but are we looking in the right direction?

Breaking down the walls

We are good at building walls, walls to keep something in and walls to keep something out. We are all just one prayer away from removing those walls and thriving with Christ.

Rooted and Established

We are all rooted and established in something, and that influences what flows from our lives. In today’s message we discover what we are to be secure and strengthened in so that we are able to thrive.

spirits or SPIRIT?

There are different ways we can “survive” life, alcohol sometimes dulls the pain and frustrations we live with but it often leads us down a dark path. But there is a better way, a way that leads to thriving in life .

Stand Firm!

As we end off this series, we have a look at Paul’s closing words- a reminder that we are in a Spiritual Battle. All too often we are unaware of this struggle we are in, and when we are not standing firm we can easily become a casualty of war.