What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Loose weight? Save Money? Get fit? Finish something you started last year? 

What if as this year starts, we’re not supposed to worry so much about what we should do, but rather accept God’s Great invitation?

Invited to enjoy God

There are so many things trying to grab our attention and affection, but nothing satisfies in the end. What is God offers something that is satisfying and pleasing?

Invited to invite others

We are offered everything we need to satisfy our souls and more, yet there are those around us still wandering around feeling empty. It would be a sin to keep it all to ourselves

Invited to be forgiven

Sometimes we feel as if God is treating us unfairly… and the truth is we should be grateful He does. God gives us what we don’t deserve and He keeps from us what we do deserve.

Invited to hear God

Sometimes we wish God could speak to us and tell us what to do. Well, He does, through His Word, and He invites us to come and hear and be transformed by His Word 

Invited to bring FAME to His name

Any salesperson knows that you can’t sell a product that you don’t enjoy using. The same goes for our witness, we can’t attract people to Jesus if we don’t enjoy Him.

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