We believe that Godly families are the building block of society. We have a vision to effectively reach and disciple families with Children in our city so that parents can be encouraged and equipped and children can grow in faith and dignity. We plan to do this through Encourage, Equip and Engage


To encourage parents and children through family worship services that are inspiring and relevant and to provide resources for parents who desire to develop their parenting skills. We also recognise the need families have for facilities that are fun and family friendly.


To equip children to grow in the knowledge of Christ through fun activities and learning opportunities, and to challenge parents to grow in their faith through Christ centred and caring small groups that will equip parents to effectively shepherd their children’s hearts.


To engage children and youth in our city by developing supporting relationships with schools in our city and through networking with organisations that can support us as we reach and disciple children and teens. We also plan to appoint a dedicated team of workers to develop and oversee this ministry.

We believe we are called to not only reach students with the Gospel, but to train students for life and Godly living, and to equip students to change our world. We have a vision to effectively reach and disciple students in our city by focusing our resources on Student ministry and also to appoint a shepherd to oversee the ministry. Our goals  revolve around Connect, Create, Community and Care:


To effectively connect with Students by being more visible on campus and to stay connected through Social Media that is current, relevant and appealing.


To create opportunities for students to be equipped and to service others using their gifts and talents. Our desire is to equip students to minister to students.


To encourage students to be a part of our church family by engaging them through fun events and activities, and to develop a sense of Christian community through small groups that are Christ Centered, accessible and caring. 


To ensure that our students are being mentored and cared for by families in our church. Our hope is that we can provide a “home away from home” for students to grow in faith and life.

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