There are so many things we wish to see under our Christmas tree, but there are some things money can’t buy, things that we only receive through a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Even though life in general may be good, we all have those pockets of hopelessness (bad marriage, bad health, bad work situation). Sometimes as we face those hopeless areas, we wonder, “how will I get through this?” Well, Jesus offers a solution.


Christmas is often referred to as a time of “Joy”. But what is the reason for joy and can everyone experience this Joy?


The whole earth waits in anticipation for peace, and every Christmas brings a promise of peace. Except, we all know that in reality, wars continue and trouble and trials continue. Is there really such a thing as peace?


What is the “perfect gift”? There is certain criteria that has to be met for a gift to qualify as “perfect”. 2000 years ago, God gave mankind the perfect gift.

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